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AWB Label Pro can be activated by another program, such as your normal AWB processing system. This other program can give AWB Label Pro the required data (AWB number, destination, etc.) making the process fully automated, and you avoid keying the data twice.

AWB Label Pro takes the following "command line arguments":
1. Number of labels to print
2. Piece number (in bar code) of first label
3. AWB number (master)
4. Destination
5. Total Pieces
6. HAWB number (optional)

For example:
awblabel.exe 34 1 12512345675 JFK 34 LHR123444

Many Windows and DOS programs have the ability to activate (run) another program like this.

Please check with your software vendor or Information Systems department for the specifics in your software.

Other integration options and/or modifications are also available upon request.
Please contact us for more information.
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